Traces of the Black Sea - Premiere!

  • Tue, 2023-10-03


    Haus der Stadt

    Traces of the Black Sea


    Annette Maye - Klarinette, Bassklarinette
    Murat Coskun - Rahmentrommeln, Perkussion 


    Muhittin Kemal - Kanun

  • Sat, 2023-10-28

    79261 Gutach im Breisgau (Ortsteil Bleibach)

    Güterhalle Bürgersaal

    Traces of the Black Sea

    FisFüz and guests: 

    Annette Maye - Klarinetten
    Murat Coskun - Rahmentrommeln

    Muhittin Kemal - Kanun / Malika Coskun - Akkordeon, Rahmentrommmeln / Yaschar Coskun - Rahmentrommeln

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    Blumeninsel Gutach
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Traces of the Black Sea - FisFüz and guests

Traces of the Black Sea - FisFüz and guests

Black Sea, that is called Karadeniz in Turkish. Densely forested mountains, stone bridges, woode houses, people in colorful clothes appear in front of the inner eye.

But FisFüz has been known for years for combining their own musical ideas with different traditions and styles into a new surprising whole. In countless projects, the two "heads" of the ensemble, Annette Maye (clarinets) and Murat Coşkun (percussion), have acted as accomplished and sensitive bridge builders between cultures and genres.

This time, it is the music of the Black Sea coast that they set their sights on: This music, shaped since ancient times by influences from the surrounding landscapes and neighboring tribes, fascinates with its variety of rhythms, its humor and wit, as well as the melancholy-proud melodies. Arrangements of well-known dances and songs from northern Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia alternate with fresh original compositions.

For their new Black Sea project, Maye and Coşkun have brought in reinforcements: with Muhittin Kemal, a virtuoso on the Turkish kanun and companion for many years and on board, in matters of Turkish music a specialist with impressive finger technique!

Yaschar and Malika Coşkun contribute another percussive spice: Since their childhood with their father as "Coşkun Percussion Trio" on the road, the two young musicians master the spirited rhythms and their percussion instruments with seriousness and great playful joy.

Searching for traces on the Black Sea!

Line up:                                                                                                                                                      

Annette Maye - clarinets, composition, arrangement
Murat Coşkun - percussion, frame drums, vocals, composition
Muhittin Kemal - kanun, vocals, composition 
Yaschar Coşkun - percussion, hang, vocals
Malika Coşkun - percussion, accordion, vocals

Some concerts of the "Traces of the Black Sea" tour will be accompanied by the Camerata String Quartet. The quartet will particularly revive the "lyrical soul" of Georgian music with, among others, arrangements of the "Miniatures" by Sulchan Zinzadze.

Camerata String Quartet:
Martina Wündrich - violin
Vera von Kap-Herr - violin
Anne-Françoise Guezingar - viola
Georg Rudiger - cello