BONSAI - abum cover

BONSAI - 20 years of oriental jazz
(Pianissimo Music, 2016)

" (...)

Twenty years of FisFüz! Well, that has to be celebrated and that's what the three musicians are doing with this anniversary CD Bonsai.

It not only presents two decades of the ensembles musical history but also unites  precious evergreens and more actual compositions in a new vesture: from the mysterious suggestive “Blue Carpet” over the seesaw Sudan groove of “Tokar” to the smooth Spanish song "Ay Linda Amiga", from the lively title song to the saucy Klezmer interludes of "Odessa Bulgar", to the moony and bluesy "Filouesken Geheimis". And of course, the always actual FisFüz evergreen "Bosphorus Winds" mustn't be missed. (...)"
Stefan Franzen

Price: 16,-€ (plus 2,50 forwarding expences)

Listen to our music:

  1. Track 1 Kiziroglu Mustafa

  2. Track 2 Bosphorus Winds

  3. Track 3 Filoueskes Geheimnis

  4. Track 4 Janitscharen Chor

  5. Track 5 BONSAI

  6. Track 6 Ay Linda Amiga

  7. Track 7 Odessa Bulgur

  8. Track 8 Dream of the blue Carpet

  9. Track 9 Ghosts on my blue Carpet

  10. Track 10 Balcano

  11. Track 11 Hello Tokar