Papillons - ensemble FisFüz & Gianluigi Trovesi

photo by Ellen Schmauss


So delicate, so nimble and shimmering, so iridescent, silent and filigree, splendid under the sun, mysterious by moonlight, so quiet and light, yet complicated and complex, so touching in depth, delightful, enchanting: butterflies - papillons! 
No wonder that the ensemble FisFüz and Gianluigi Trovesi sing the praises of the wondrously strange butterflies. Because what is true for them is also true for the world music of the virtuosos. They fuse Orient and Occident, the North and the Mediterranean to create their very own sound: folk melodies from the Mediterranean with Klezmer and Latino, classical and swing, old music and avant-garde, odd Turkish limp with Italian dance rhythms, jazz phrasing with the melismatic melody of the Bosporus, full-bodied clarinet sounds with the warm timbre of the Oriental short-necked lute Ud and the wild pulse of the frame drums. 
FisFüz and Trovesi have been touring together for six years, the world-famous doyen of the clarinet from Bergamo, with the multi-award-winning ensemble that so naturally dissolves boundaries.
It is a musical celebration of simplicity and joie de vivre, of melancholy and tolerance. For here prejudices and clichés are swept away. Instead, a spirit of open-mindedness and enlightenment prevails, bridges are built through music. From East to West, from North to South."


Annette Maye clarinet
Gürkan Balkan guitar, oud 
Murat Coskun percussion 
Gianluigi Trovesi clarinet


Press reviews

All involved are highly qualified soloists who have found their way to a wonderful, light-footedly floating group sound, creating perfect soundscapes in which one likes to lose oneself. What this quartet has to offer is in every respect light years away from the superficial kitsch of multicultural mass-produced music, whereby the clarinet dialogues of Maye and Trovesi are once again of special charm from the jazz fan's point of view.
(Journal of Culture and Society)

Thus, the collaboration of the world music trio with the master from Bergamo is then, above all, great fun. Trovesi has not only brought his instrument, but also a few songs. They complement each other splendidly with the pieces of the band members: from folkloristic swing to the sparse soundscapes of the Italo-Western, everything is there. (...)
(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

ensemble FisFüz & Gianluigi Trovesi (Jazzit, Salzburg)